About us

Marine Biocare is a new brand, created and owned by the company Phyto Biocare.

Under this brand we will develop a line of premium products obtained from pure and sustainable marine sources, intended for the health care of the entire family.


The first product in this line is Omega-3 FORTE 580 mg capsules, launched in June 2020.


The raw material, its design, development and production are provided by top companies in Norway and Germany.

Therefore, the fish oil used is produced by the Norwegian company Epax AS, a company with over 180 years of experience, world leader in the production of purified fish oils enriched in omega 3 essential fatty acids. Epax is the only company in the world that can raise the concentration of omega 3 to 80% in fish oil, with more than 90% of EPA and DHA contained as triglycerides. (Details on www.epax.com)


The design, development and production are provided in Germany by the pharmaceutical company Goerlich Pharma GmbH, which is also the exclusive distributor of Epax fish oils in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Details on www.goerlich-pharma.com)

Goerlich Pharma is specialized in the research, design and development of contract products, it does not own or sell finished products under its own brand.


We turned to these experts because we wanted to be able to offer the public a line of very well-made products, of premium quality under our own brand.


There are at least 60 – 70 fish oil products on the Romanian market.


When you enter such a competition as the last in, you can be successful (namely the public may notice you and gain confidence in you) only if you offer something of very good quality, better than what is found on the market and at a very competitive price.


Omega 3 forte Marine Biocare is a premium quality product, with technical and biochemical characteristics that give it a clear identity and that represent certain competitive advantages, all in favour of the consumer.


We strive to present in detail, transparently and clearly these characteristics, how we differ from competing products and what we additionally bring to the advantage of the consumer.


We consider that it is very important for people to be informed correctly, completely and clearly and that is why we set out to be a real vector of information in this regard.


An informed person is not only a stronger person but also a healthier person.


Thank you for visiting this site and we invite you to send us opinions, appreciations, questions and suggestions about what you have learned and / or what you would like to know about our products.


Marine Biocare – The health coming from the ocean for happy families