Epax is the world’s leading fish oil brand and the absolute leader on the Norwegian market, famous for its very high degree of purity. Epax not only strictly adheres to international standards of quality and purity, but is recognized as the top leader in this field, due to the fact that it is guided by self-imposed standards, clearly superior to the standards agreed by international organizations in the field.


Norwegian company Epax AS has over 180 years of experience in the production of fish oil purified and concentrated in omega-3 essential fatty acids, extracted from marine fish from the cold Arctic waters, being the only manufacturer that can increase the concentration of omega-3 in fish oil up to 80%, with over 90% of omega-3 fatty acids in the natural form of triglycerides.

Epax is the guarantee of the quality and safety regarding fish oils.


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All Norwegian Epax fish oils are obtained by molecular distillation and comply with the requirements of the European and American Pharmacopoeia or GOED. In fact, Epax is one of the leaders of the international forum that regulates the global omega-3 market (Global Organization for EPA and DHA, namely GOED).