580 mg Capsules
one capsule contains triglycerides in natural form:
250mg DHA
302mg EPA+DHA
2,3mg E vitamin

Omega-3 Strong

In order to obtain a premium quality product, we have combined the highest level of Norwegian technology and expertise in obtaining fish oil enriched in omega-3 fatty acids, with German rigor and technique in the field of pharmaceuticals.


Specifically, we used an Epax fish oil, highly purified and concentrated (minimum 52% omega-3) produced in Norway and processed as soft gelatin capsules at the German pharmaceutical company Goerlich Pharma.


Epax production units are GMP certified and FDA approved for the production of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).


OMEGA-3 FORTE Marine Biocare capsules contain Epax 1050 TGN fish oil, a highly purified fish oil with an omega-3 concentration of at least 52% (strong), being the omega-3 essential fatty acids contained in the form of triglycerides (TG). N comes from “neutral”, namely free from fish smell or taste.


Thus, the small capsule that even children can easily swallow, contain 580 mg of Epax 1050 TGN concentrated fish oil, namely 250 mg of DHA and 52 mg of EPA, plus 2.3 mg of vitamin E as a stabilizer against oxidative degradation. This guarantees a validity of the fish oil capsules on the pharmacy shelf for at least 3 years.


NOTE: The vast majority of similar products on the market contain a maximum of 30-35% omega-3 in fish oil, most in the form of ethyl esters (EE), artificial substances that the body absorbs more difficultly and with low-yield.

How we produce Omega-3

Omega-3 forte capsules are made by the German pharmaceutical company Goerlich Pharma, a GMP-certified, HACCP-certified company, approved by the FDA, the exclusive distributor of Epax fish oils in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We turned to them for the development of the Marine Biocare range, the first product being Omega-3 Forte 580 mg capsules.


For the best protection and in order to provide a premium quality Omega-3 forte fish oil supplement, the capsules are fixed in blisters of 15 units and packed in cardboard boxes, each box containing 4 or 2 blisters, namely 60 or 30 capsules.


The product should be stored at a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius, protected from direct sunlight or other heat sources. Under these conditions, the shelf life is 36 months (3 years) from the date of manufacture.

The usual recommended dose is one capsule of Omega-3 forte per day, both for children and adults.


30 capsules


60 capsules