Omega-3 Strong

580 mg Capsules

In order to obtain a premium quality product, we have combined the highest level of Norwegian technology and expertise in obtaining fish oil enriched in omega-3 fatty acids, with German rigor and technique in the field of pharmaceuticals.


Specifically, we used an Epax fish oil, highly purified and concentrated (minimum 52% omega-3) produced in Norway and processed as soft gelatin capsules at the German pharmaceutical company Goerlich Pharma.


The specialized language of medicine, pharmacy or biochemistry provides categories of substances the name of which also contains the particle “essential” (for example: essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc.).


These are very important substances for the proper development and functioning of the human body, and the term “essential” means that although it needs them, the body cannot synthesize these molecules, so it must receive them from the outside, namely through daily food and food supplements.


There are several essential omega-3 fatty acids, of which docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are the most important and the most studied in the last 25 years.


– Sufficient intake of EPA and DHA supports the health and proper functioning of the heart, brain, eyes, blood vessels, joints; the benefits of omega-3 are seen in the regulation of many physiological processes in the body;


– Sufficient intake of DHA and EPA reduces the risk of premature births;


– Sufficient intake of DHA is important for the formation and development of pregnancy and especially of the fetal brain;


– DHA is very important for the development and functioning of the brain and eyes in young children and adolescents. More

How to choose an omega-3 food supplement?

The offer is very diverse and especially abundant. For example, there are probably over 60 food supplements on our market with omega-3.


The purchase decision is a subjective and unilateral process that must be respected. But it is important that the decision to introduce fish oil supplements in the daily diet of children and adults is made in the best-informed way as possible.


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A better-informed person is not only stronger, but also healthier.

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